Same place, different day – Der Spiegel

Earlier this year, I was out in the morning and hoping for some nice light. Going by the building of the German magazine Der Spiegel, I took a picture – and made a mental note to come back another day.

Der Spiegel in bad weather.

It was a gloomy morning, I think it was even drizzling and I forced myself to go outside. Maybe the sun would break through or I would find a nice composition.
With my bicycle, I rode through the Speicherstadt, an old warehouse district in Hamburg. Not finding anything, I continued and stumbled upon this building. It's pretty well known in Hamburg but I hadn't really taken a picture of it before, especially from this angle.

At this point, I was quite cold and just wanted to go home again to get some warmth and coffee. I tried to take a picture, but not being that inspired by the weather, gave up quickly and returned home.

So a week later, on a nicer morning, I returned to this location.

Der Spiegel in nice weather.

Aaaand yes, this morning was way better. It was a beautiful sunrise, still chilly, but the colors made up for that. I also had some ND filters with me to take a proper long exposure.

Der Spiegel with reflection.

Long story short, I should get out more even if the weather looks bland. And if I don't get any shots, I still might find some locations for a different day.

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