Television tower Hamburg

Moving to an apartment on the sixth floor not only meant daily hikes across thousands of stairs, but also quite a view of Hamburgs television tower – the Fernsehturm Hamburg.

I always thought of Hamburg as a city with mostly bad weather. It's usually cloudy, rainy, cold, maybe even foggy, slippery and dark. Summer can be nice and for a few weeks per year when the sun is out, temperatures get hotter, skies are blue, everyone rushes outside and you can have some summer vibes in crowded parks and packed urban areas (yes, I exaggerate – or do I?).

So to my knowledge, there were no clear sunrises and sunsets and the sky in Hamburg always went gradually from dark to white.
My last apartment had a window facing north, so I really had to lean out and make an effort to check what the sun was doing all day long. Also the surrounding buildings where taller and didn't let me see that far.

Little did I know.

Moving to this apartment with a viewpoint higher than the surroundings and windows facing east and west, I learned that Hamburg indeed has beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Not always, but more often than I would ever had thought.
Sitting at my desk and looking outside, the television tower is always in my line of sight – unless fog, clouds, rain or snow is happening.

So it just happened that I started to snap pictures of the tower, whenever the sky made a nice background.

I know, these pictures are sometimes very similar or even the same. I still tried to reduce these as much as possible – yes, I have taken this picture that many times.

It's just too comfortable to sit inside and snap a pic whenever the sky looks beautiful.

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