Lightroom Editing 2010 vs 2020

I was looking at pictures I took a few years back and found this one – one I really liked at the time and still am quite fond of.

The picture was taken in 2010 on Miyajima near Hiroshima in Japan. At the time, I was travelling in Japan with the Japan Railway Pass (or JR Pass, an all-you-can-ride train ticket for non-Japan residents). My original plan was to explore the beautiful nature of Shikoku thoroughly. But Shikoku, being one of the five big islands Japan consists of, is not that accessible by train. I would have (and have) waited for busses which run three times a day to get away from the main train line and it's cities. And my problem with theses rail passes are that I will try to cover as much rail as I can in the time period. So I was refusing to do side trips which didn't involve trains – a mindset I should definitely work on to change.

So after realizing that I won't be able to get to all places by train on Shikoku, I left the island after visiting its main cities, but kept it on my bucket list as a travel-by-car-location. I took the ferry from Shikoku to Hiroshima.
With it's Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and other historical monuments about the consequences of the atomic bomb and World War II, Hiroshima is a place to remind and educate us about the past. Also it has good food – like the Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki!

Just 20 minutes outside of Hiroshima is a ferry with its 10-minute-ride to Miyajima (its real name being Itsukushima). Miyajima is a tourist spot featuring a shrine with its famous Torii-gate in the water, a lot of free roaming deer and food stalls (oysters are a speciality here).
I spend an afternoon here and waited for the sunset. Along with fellow photo enthusiasts, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset, of which I took this photograph:

Original image without editing

At the time, I edited this picture quite blueish, featuring a bright golden sunset with strong contrast and saturation. I think I used it quite long as background on my Facebook profile and in other places.
Seeing it now, I reminisced a little in my memories of that time and then took the original image and tried a quick edit of how I might edit it today.

So this is my edit from 2010 versus my edit of 2020.

And since I went down memory lane a bit, here are some more pictures from that afternoon on Miyajima. I wonder when I'll get to visit Miyajima again.

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